hope is a funny thing.

It is true. You read it everywhere that never lose hope, hope is what makes you do the work, hope is important and what not! But what no one tells us is that hope breaks you too. Hope. It drives us to work, to believe, to expect. But it makes us cry, hurts us in […]

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Set yourself free…

Set yourself free! From that one thing that is holding you back. Whether it is that photograph that floods you with painful memories, that song whose beats are still in sync with your heartbeats, from that expectation that you could not fulfil, those eyes that you see in the mirror everyday with hopelessness, the mask […]

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Stop being afraid my dear

Stop being afraid my dear, fear is just a smokescreen the mind has created You have better things to ponder upon, but damn this fear never leaves you! Don’t let it ruin your inner peace. I know its difficult, but, I also know that you’re strong enough to overcome it Ask yourself , what do […]

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For How Long???

How long? Doesn’t it irritate you, annoy you, make you angry, anxious, and helpless! We try so hard to find the answer to this question, we ask people , we try to find the answer wherever possible, whenever possible, however possible. Is it that important ? Yes, sometimes it is! Sometimes, when it becomes unbearable, […]

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See through their eyes too

It feels good to know about yourself, right? But do we really know ourselves completely? We’re often told to listen to our heart, to believe in what we feel is right and what not. You search for one positive motivating line and you get a hundred about self discovery. But I found a new way […]

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Was it you?

Standing at the door, gazing at life with colours of emotions Didn’t even realise when the doorway was crossed; walking towards white, red, orange, yellow, leaving behind the black, blue and grey …. Filling the lungs with fresh air, releasing the choking Letting some leaves fall, and some fruits to ripe Some tears to shed […]

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One life, many risks!

Stop being scared for what could go wrong. Chances and risks go hand in hand! One life. Few Crazy Experiences. Many risks. Numerous Failures and Success. For how long can we stay in our cocoons? “Won’t answer in the class, my answer might be wrong. Won’t say yes, what if we don’t last. Won’t change […]

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Understanding or not!

Being a little understanding never kills anyone you know! Trying not to be impulsive really isn’t as hard as climbing a mountain! All you need is a toothbrush and paste! (sorry I know that was bad, but old habits die hard, right?) Okay, back to the point all you need is patience and sense of […]

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it is funny and sad!

The world will say that you always remain depressed and sad and what not but, funny is that they never care enough to know the reason behind it, and if they do then half of the time they are busy assuming. Or, they’ll listen to a few of your words and come to conclusions. It’s […]

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Fall for yourself!

You’re good enough for you and the day you realise this amazing fact, that day you will start loving yourself. To love someone else you first must know to love yourself. If a person can’t love himself then he can never love anyone else whole heartedly! Loving yourself is an art and you must master […]

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New Beginnings, New You!

I know it’s boring reading articles, posts, blogs on new year because mostly all of them sound similar to us. And even this one might sound similar to few of you, but still I am going to post it 😀 It’s a new year, new month, new day! to all those mood spoilers who think […]

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Don’t even dare!

They’ll make you feel low, not loved, unlikeable, unwanted and what not! According to them you are not so good, not so perfect and not so nice. You don’t behave the way you should, you don’t work the way you should, you don’t have the right attitude. They say you are rude, harsh, ill mannered, […]

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There is this fire that keeps her alive A Fire, she wishes never dies. For not even once, she feels scared of getting burnt. It plays with her and makes her fearless, Each day with each touch, each connection, and each encounter and if it doesn’t burn a little then what is the fun in […]

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This crazy journey!

Some journeys, roads should never end. Reaching the destination is not the goal but living through the journey is. There are going to be bumpy, blind turns, some will be sharp too but no doubt smooth ones will find their way too, to contribute to this journey of yours. At one moment you would love […]

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