Warning; This isn’t a regular blog that you come across on life tips or a modus operandi of  how to live your life!

We all go through variegated phases in our life and it’s always wise and preferable to manifest them instead of keeping it inside. Our expressions help us to grow and to address our day to day struggles. Many minute or massive details go unnoticed which hold an integral part in our growth. Various aspects of a particular subject is what our belief system is based on. Through this blog I try to reflect different perspectives and insight of my mind in a not so cliche manner.


I started this blog to let it all out, the emotions we go through, how perspectives change along with time (trust me my change a lot!) and how we grow. Expressing my thoughts in the form of articles, essays, poetry is what I do, based on the theme of life, it’s phases and minor details that we feel aren’t so important to address. I have been writing for the past five years and with each passing year I have come to realize how beautiful life is and there is so much to learn, no matter how many lows there are.

Your feedback and contribution in this journey is most welcome.

Thank You,

Ridhi Panwar