where the intellect drowns…

Like a flightless bird wandering in the search of nothing but a tough blow to somehow make it fly, to give it wings that can’t be cut and to make every flight worthwhile, a heart searches for a beat to make it dive into an ocean of cosmic depths.

Some places have a mystical and charming emanation and that charm can’t be replaced by any other. Every place is different, every place gives off discrete vibes and calls out your name in an eccentric demeanor. Like some places can’t be replaced, some people can’t be traded or simply replaced. These people become that  place for you, a place which you never want to leave, where you find solace and constant benevolence.

Sometimes some find solace without seeking for it. Some find a home where they are blasted with a melange of warmth, comfort, emotions, passion, madness and little bit of everything!

A soul that embodies with yours; a sea that sees no shores. 

Distance never fails to play it’s part but something that lives with you with every breath, can’t be sundered by miles apart…….

Reviving the love that is shared, collecting figments with her all around, in the hustle and bustle of lights, shimmer and variegated aromas. She walked down the lanes with him, holding her hand, not looking at eachother but simply talking about anything and everything. Stealing glances, inhaling the hypnotic fragrance of freshly cut grass with a tint of spice and lots of vanilla chocolate, enveloped in the warmth, she gazed at the doors of the houses and wondered if it’s real or was she being delusional.

The sun was setting and with twilight about to touch the hidden memories, she kept walking, trying to be steady. The aroma of hazelnut brew touched a string, reminding her of the time where eyes were whispering that words weren’t and something in the air made a promise of trust. Trust of providing her this warmth and a love that is deeper than the ocean in those eyes.

She switched off the light and felt the darkness and waited, for it to become suitable, a wetness felt her cheek, trailing down the path,it travels only in the darkness of the night, where moonlight comforts the longing…..The longing of having limitless eye contacts, where the eyes show her face, a voice that fills up not just the room but her whole life with intensity and depth, and a smile that lights up her day and night.The longing to have something beyond the barriers of distance where she doesn’t have to rely on imagery but in his arms. 

And where time doesn’t exist and goodbyes are meaningless words. Where ‘forevers’ are a fluke. A fluke that she would never let go off.

She didn’t know that this heart could ache like this too, never knew what a broken bone felt like, what she knows is what it feels like to crave for someone, to sleep at night imagining the warmth enveloping you, to kill the throbbing pain in your throat after every hurting. She knows what it feels like to see your fears turning into reality, 

she knows what it feels like to say goodbye……

Something that burns,devours,bestows, pilfers, glints, delights, gratifies,throws you off the cliff, and shows a path in the midst of boundaries of a belief that is beyond the mist…..is how her love is”.

Thank you.

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