Gospel of the elephant in the room!

Why do we judge? Is it the new thing? Are we so full of others’ lives that we have forgotten what our life is all about? 

Are we so interested in the gossip that we’re forgetting what living really feels like? Due to which being an imposter has become a necessity to some. ‘Being yourself’ has been left, just as an affirmation and not an application. 

In the tinsel town of this fabricated modern world, we hardly acknowledge the fact that how much we judge each other. Stop. Breathe. See what we’re doing.

Let them be themselves.

But there’s always a silver lining; people have started coming out as more confident personalities. Constant judgy eyes are doing nothing but boosting and channelising the real person to come out as they truly are.

But what about the ones who aren’t able to redefine the judgements? The ones who find it difficult to come out?

Just because some of us are becoming role models doesn’t mean the ones who still feel like curling up in their beds with coffee mugs in their hands don’t exist.

Everyone needs time, everyone needs their space to open up, to step out of their comfort zones, to adapt to the change. Every individual is different and respecting this fact is not what we are doing today.

And just because we have made being judgmental an occupation doesn’t mean it’s normal to judge. And doesn’t mean it is an occupation!

Do we really have no alternate job? 

The beauty of living life to the fullest doesn’t even involve other’s life to be judged for joy. Attending parties just to see who’s wearing what, going to family gatherings just to compare your financial status with theirs, putting extra effort in your looks not to look pretty but to get an approval from the lady in the corner is the most integral task of all.

Sipping a cosmopolitan not because you like it but because that makes everything sound sexy, has become the motive.

All thanks to ourselves, we are the only ones who started this, and if we didn’t, then we’re definitely carrying the legacy forward!


Keep shining and smiling!

~Ridhi Panwar

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