Right or Wrong?

What if you start getting this ‘weird’ feeling of being wrong? Weird because how can we be wrong, right? What if you realize that you were wrong?

When did being wrong become a negative setback of our lives? Who taught us that being wrong is a bad thing? If you can be right then why not wrong! It is that simple.

Right or wrong, black or white, are all part and parcel of life. Then why is it such a huge deal? And above that why is it an act of shame to be wrong? Are you ashamed of being right?

How many of us will really accept that we were wrong? Many of us will say that ‘yes we accept’, well, do we really?

We hardly accept that we were wrong and more than acceptance, realizing that we were wrong is the predominant factor. To go through the whole story again and again, to know where you went wrong is an act of the brave. We call ourselves fearless but we are often afraid of knowing the truth that even we can be at fault.

Some of us aren’t afraid of making mistakes, of choosing the wrong path, but making a mistake and accepting that we were wrong are two different concepts, which are often mingled.

To know your flaws and to have the courage to make it right is the new black!

As a child some of us are incorporated with the knowledge that being wrong is something bad, offensive, something that shouldn’t be executed and hence, we carry that lesson with us throughout. This consummation that you can be wrong and it is okay to be wrong hardly hits us. But trust me , when it does, its mystical and transforming.

Experiencing the unerring freedom of living a life of brutal honesty and nonchalant nature comes, when you start embracing right and wrong equally. Look into your eyes and admit that you’re wrong, not to someone else but yourself first. It is said that the first step is always difficult; true. But, after the first step everything seems easy as you have crossed the hurdle of acceptance of a bitter truth . Say it to yourself and saying it to the world won’t be one of the embarrassing moments of your life. Make the bitter truth your sweet reality and it won’t remain bitter anymore.

Apologize, commit, speak up but don’t ignore. There are plenty of ways to make wrong right but that needs to be done later. What needs to be done at the moment, is to know that you were wrong and it is okay to be wrong sometimes. And it is a concept that is way too easy to read about but takes courage to acknowledge and understand.

Your dignity will never be harmed and questioned, if you turn out to be wrong. We all make mistakes, we all can be wrong with our judgments, with our opinions, with our words; we’re humans! Species who tend to make mistakes! And because we’re humans, we have a quality known as HUMANITY! Only few of us learn how to unwrap this gift of humanity, by a simple way of knowing that we can be wrong yet right, by accepting that we were wrong!

There’s always room for improvement in each one of us, and even if we seem perfect to ourselves, leaving a piece within us for betterment does no harm. Growth and perfection are an ongoing process that can never be constant. Don’t limit your freedom, expand it by falling and rising again.


Keep shining and smiling!

11 thoughts on “Right or Wrong?

  1. I remember committing mistakes, I remember I was wrong and I embrace it! 😌
    It was beautiful as always🤗♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember committing mistakes, I remember I was wrong, and I embrace it! 😌
    It was beautiful as always🤗♥️


  3. Very well quoted….. It’s perfectly fine to be wrong or right whatever…. What important is the learning which shouldn’t stop whatsoever!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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