…read at your own risk.

Read at your own risk!

You come alone and you leave alone. REALITY CHECK; YOU SURVIVE ALONE TOO.

Real is replaced by fake and well, substantial is a word that no longer exists.

It feels so fucking amazing to take a stand for yourself. Try it. Because, when you feel that your own will be there to take a stand for you, god! They break you like anything. And after effects are amazing and so entertaining, “when they come asking how you are”? “Umm, where were you when my life was throwing a lemon? And what exactly did you speak when I wanted someone to just speak something for me? ….Can’t remember anything clearly… Too blurry to see….Oh wait! Yes, you didn’t. You didn’t do anything other than standing there”! DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA. And sympathy they fake…oof…too much to handle, just right with a tint of sugar coated words , is just perfect to wreck your life. It gives an amazing and different thrill to feel. And god! It feels amazing to know that you have a hold on your life.

Fake people, fake support, fake love. It seems, substantial is not even a word that exists in this world. It is so true that you come alone and you go alone, BUT what no one ever teaches is that you remain alone too. People in your life are mere passers-by and nothing else. When you need the maximum support and love that is when you are hit with this realization that all the stuff said to you is all fake and you are indeed a lone wolf. Sympathy, attention, care. love, support, those warm eyes, and that bear hug is all a part of the moment. We often confuse it with something that we had been looking for to complete us or to get going. But reality check is that it’s all a matter of time when you open your eyes and see that it is a road meant to be taken only by one; you!

You are expected to behave in a certain manner, limit your words because you need to see who’s opposite you and control what’s boiling inside. WHY. When you say it is your life, then mean it and take a stand for yourself, no matter who’s there at the other end of the table. We get caught up in the web of emotions, love, care, limits and boundaries. But it is high time we realize that’s not how it always works. Sometimes you need to be stubborn, sometimes you need to put your word out there. Being smart and keeping bullshit away and not giving a shit to what’s being spoken is the policy that I follow but I do follow the policy of speaking up when needed without fearing the outcome. In the end, I know it’s my life and no opinion, no judgement, no limitation and no circumstance can stop me from speaking my heart out. And when the ball is not in your court be bold enough to get it in your court. No one is going to hand it over to you. Who’s the other party, the circumstance and timing are what will always try to scare you away from taking a stand. But believe me when I say that the timing will never be right, the circumstance will never be suitable, and the opponent will always be stronger.

It’s a humble plus full of sarcasm request to you….please answer; SO, WHAT? Who cares, and if you do, then don’t! Get your ass up and for god’s sake stand straight and bold. And let yourself know whose life it is. And if you are a show off type ;p and want all that dazzling attention, the one that men in grey suits entering skyscrapers get then let the world know too, whose life it is! Your actions speak louder! True. But your words speak too! So, speak up.

Every time you can’t storm off, blast your headphones, watch a good movie, eat ice cream to switch your mood. Sometimes, it’s high time.

Keep giving yourself these reality checks.

Thank You,

Yours truly

Ridhi Panwar

Keep shining and smiling! 🙂

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