Never settle for less, you deserve more.

Whether it’s your goal, a person whom you love, a craving for a cheese burger or a life turning decision, NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS.

It all starts here……When we dream big but opt for the small one because, the way down there seems easier is how we start this vicious cycle of settling for less. We aspire for things out of our limit so that we extend our limit but, instead settle down with less by restricting our limits. How can we really grow? The main obstacle to achieve something great is when we are okay with less. What needs to be changed is not our goal but, our dedication and our will. Our belief needs to be stronger; the madness needs a high.

I can sit here and wish to have a lip-smacking cheesy burger and for instance, we take the situation in which the delivery of the same is not available. So, the only option is to go and get it on my own. But what I do is, go to the kitchen and make myself a cheese sandwich! Yes! It was easier and convenient and suited my lazy ass. But, wasn’t it settling for less because going out seemed like performing a huge task!

This was just a minute example. We take our life decisions by settling for less. Our life depends upon such decisions and we compromise with it. In a way we are compromising with our life. Don’t! compromise isn’t the best option. The passion, the determination should always be on fire. No wonder people who go out of the way and achieve their dreams are called crazy. And I would love to be crazy if that’s how it is. The day we give this thought a firm thought that is when we take the first step towards a greater life. And as they say, the first step is always difficult and here we have crossed it and moved on to the next one.

Be ready to fall but be willing to rise again. Don’t resist the act of perseverance. Act accordingly and give your all. And last but not the least don’t settle for less when you believe you deserve more. Living a life full of regrets is worse than tasting failure. You’ll learn something from your failure but with regret you’ll just sit there and resent what you did by compromising. That pain is hard to deal with.

Keep smiling and shining!


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