A birthday wish…

I wish you a long life, a happy life, a successful life! Isn’t it what we always say. Here is a different version of my wishes that I wish for you….

I wish you days when you feel tired about life but still are confident about the fact that you’re strong enough to carry on.

I wish you days when you feel low but still are able to wear that smile with pride

I wish you all kinds of experiences so that you learn something new about life and yourself

I wish you memories that you cherish throughout your life

I wish you listen to good music that makes you feel alive with each beat

I wish you learn about the various colours of sky

I wish you notice the ripples in the river

I wish you smile bright like the sun even when you don’t want to

I wish you learn the art of convincing yourself for your good

I wish that you never forget that everything happens for a reason

I wish you grow each day and learn something new and just go with the flow

I wish you always listen to your heart, its never wrong…

I wish you a very Happy Birthday 🙂

Keep smiling and shining!

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