hope is a funny thing.

It is true. You read it everywhere that never lose hope, hope is what makes you do the work, hope is important and what not! But what no one tells us is that hope breaks you too.

Hope. It drives us to work, to believe, to expect. But it makes us cry, hurts us in ways we can’t express. I know I may sound like a pessimist but it is something no one ever tells us. And I feel it is important for you to know. You hope for something that you know can never happen but you still do because you try to find a reason to believe that it will happen. It is funny how one thing can make you and break you. You hope and when it is not fulfilled, you cry, you feel hurt because you started expecting. It pains , even though you ignore it, you know that it is killing you yet, you cling onto it. But what can we do, living in an illusion has become a habit.

A pillow at times is not enough to work as a shoulder, the warmth of the tear rolling down your cheeks is not what you would ever want to compare with the warmth of your loved one’s arms. The pain that you go through when your hope goes wasted, is worse than getting betrayed. Yes, it is. When you get betrayed you have someone to blame but when you, yourself are responsible then whom are you going to blame? And who doesn’t want to sleep peacefully at night. Who doesn’t want that feeling of satisfaction every single night, when you go to bed and realize that you have nothing to regret and no one to blame, even yourself?

Before you start hoping you need to know that everything is not always pleasant and positive. Being ready for the consequences and then hoping for something is something that should be encouraged. If we simply hope for something and it breaks then all you’ll be left with will be, a feeling of defeat, anger, hurt and pain. Why to hurt yourself? I am not saying that do not hope. Do hope for the good things to happen, but, just be ready for the consequences because, what if things do not go according to your wish. So do hope because, it is true, that hope is what keeps you alive but always be ready for whatever that comes your way.

Keep smiling and shining…

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