The constant of our lives

What to do when the grating reality slaps you hard in the face? It is good to have a curious mind is what we are told, but what about the questions that arise with time, based on our life events? Unanswered questions can be like nails under the mattress, minute yet excruciating.  Having days, where […]

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Is it time?

Sometimes it takes a lifetime and sometimes just a split second. We all go through phases that we don’t talk about, which are often ‘forbidden’. But it’s time to move on. Whether a person, incident, place, time that we are still clinging to, we need to move on sooner or later, after all, we all […]

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A state of the beautiful mind.

Not feeling the pain, but a numbness; worn like a second skin. A cashmere that comforts  the piercing wounds  and the superficial scars  of this drowsy soul. ….. An everyday story where hands of the clock,  move in a cloud and turn hours into day and night. ……….. Night; An unspoken companion hazy and serene. […]

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A toxic elixir.

Immersed in hyping the normality of life, have we really forgotten the meaning of staying true to our personality? Seeking validation has become the need of the hour, more than oxygen cylinders during this time of the pandemic. On one hand, the world is in a crisis, and on the other, people with not even […]

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A sky full of memories.

A sky full of stars, sounds suitable right? But who says suitable doesn’t have a replacement? So here we are with a sky full of memories. Memories the word itself gives chills to me. Some are serene and some are petrifying to even recall. Stored in an old album, in a jar decorated ever so […]

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where the intellect drowns…

Like a flightless bird wandering in the search of nothing but a tough blow to somehow make it fly, to give it wings that can’t be cut and to make every flight worthwhile, a heart searches for a beat to make it dive into an ocean of cosmic depths. Some places have a mystical and […]

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Why is seeking help furtive?

Why is seeking help a taboo or a deciding factor for your social status of being sane?  Is going to a therapist wrong? Does it mean you’re crazy? Why is it a dirty little  secret? It seems felonious to know someone who goes for therapy. Why? Why does all the elbow hitting start when you […]

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Right or Wrong?

What if you start getting this ‘weird’ feeling of being wrong? Weird because how can we be wrong, right? What if you realize that you were wrong? When did being wrong become a negative setback of our lives? Who taught us that being wrong is a bad thing? If you can be right then why […]

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New walls and a puzzled heart.

She stood at the entrance gazing at the ceiling and taking everything in. Huge carton boxes almost of her height, fresh paint turning her clothes all white. Carrying a heavy heart, she peeped in every room and then finally found the courage to enter those four walls, she was supposed to call her room. New, […]

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…read at your own risk.

Read at your own risk! You come alone and you leave alone. REALITY CHECK; YOU SURVIVE ALONE TOO. Real is replaced by fake and well, substantial is a word that no longer exists. It feels so fucking amazing to take a stand for yourself. Try it. Because, when you feel that your own will be […]

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