There is this fire that keeps her alive A Fire, she wishes never dies. For not even once, she feels scared of getting burnt. It plays with her and makes her fearless, Each day with each touch, each connection, and each encounter and if it doesn’t burn a little then what is the fun in […]

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This crazy journey!

Some journeys, roads should never end. Reaching the destination is not the goal but living through the journey is. There are going to be bumpy, blind turns, some will be sharp too but no doubt smooth ones will find there way too, to contribute in this journey of yours. At one moment you would love […]

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It takes guts…..

It takes guts……. It takes guts to let go when you know you really want it It takes guts to hold on to someone or something you wish you could leave To speak the truth when you know it is bitter than cold black coffee To lie to your loved ones, when you know they […]

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Do small things matter?

Small things do matter…. I have heard this a lot, that small things matter more! Okay so let’s figure out how? In a very practical manner and yeah, your feedback and inputs are most welcome in the comments section as well as my contact page if you don’t want to share them publicly… Finding happiness […]

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Life; it’s complicated!

That’s my relationship status with life….Its been 19 years and still it feels the same, I still feel those butterflies in my stomach every time I think of you! This is life and it is what it is! It’s not a movie…. although you do have some moments and almost all the genres of a […]

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I was wrong.

Till now I had this notion that I need to prove myself to others. But I consider myself lucky that I became mature enough to realise that it is complete bullshit. You are not here to prove anything to anyone! Yes, we read a lot of motivational picture quotes having a beautiful background image saying […]

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Pain demands to be felt

No matter how hard you try to suppress it, it always finds a way. Sooner or later, eventually, you will feel it. So why to make it hard for yourself by taking more time and putting more strength and effort in hiding it? Don’t you feel that you should start making things easy for yourself, […]

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